Mission Statement


This is a brief mission statement. We are working for a non violent stay at home general strike revolution. Don’t work, shop or consume media. That’s the strategy. The demands/details are here https://thepeoplesmanifesto.blogspot.com  or on this site in the People’s Manifesto section. Please if you haven’t yet, familiarize yourself with it.

Every movement for the last 50 years have been fighting for their individual causes instead of as a united front. The protections & improvements that were put in place in the 1930’s & 1960s came about because of strikes & mass movements not just from electoral politics or free market solutions. The splintering in mass movements to their own individual causes was by design & now these movements are toothless. For half a century we have moved more & more into a inverted totalitarianism as well as a climate death spiral. Drastic actions are the only recourse. Incrementalism gets us nowhere. We are about a century behind where we need to be as a society in terms of progress. The powers that be will not do anything unless they are forced. The only way to get massive change is to break them financially. The only way to get the numbers necessary for that to happen is to have all groups come together which is why the demands are all encompassing. They also have to get to the heart of the problems in each area because otherwise they will just arise again in the immediate future.

If we don’t stop political corruption then laws will be ignored or overturned. If we don’t rethink co-ops & UBI then a living wage won’t mean anything when outsourcing & automation displaces workers. If we don’t transform the economy to green and that means paying people high wages to do it, then we won’t have a planet to live on. We are going to see a mass extinction this century, mass migration & resource wars. The fools driving us off that cliff will be dead before that happens but the rest of us will have to live through it unless we stop it now. 

A violent revolution has too many variables that can’t be predicted. Foreign powers would get involved & civil war would break out. War means death & rape. We are opposed to war & suffering. A non violent revolution that is done with a general strike can be predicted. With all strikes there are 2 outcomes. Either the strikers demands are met or they aren’t & they give up. If we have the numbers needed then the demands will be met because the government cannot sustain that much money being lost.

We have seen many people call for a strike or some other way of having a revolution/solution to our collective problems but they can’t answer how you get from point A to point B. If we saw something better that was more effective, didn’t kill anyone & could be done quicker we’d be on board. So far all we’ve seen is idealism without any pragmatism or reality based thinking on what country they live in. It’s easy to live in a bubble. That’s why we don’t talk in Ism’s. We don’t care about people’s ideology we care about winning & improving things. So that means we will work with people we disagree with & with different agenda that they care about but that is the price of solidarity. We don’t leave anyone behind & we don’t compromise. As long as everyone understands that we can gain each other’s trust. We fight for what is in the manifesto. We don’t ask people to agree with all of it. Whatever part is you most important issue to you is reason enough to join because this is the way to get it. This was designed with strategy in mind.

So if it doesn’t go far enough for you then understand that for others it could be going too far in other aspects but demanding everything is the way to get the numbers we need to win. We didn’t put everything we wanted. We put in everything that is possible now and everything necessary for us to survive & improve as a country. This isn’t the end but the beginning on what is possible. We can have a real democracy and get even more in the future but if we don’t do this now then it will never come to be. So if anyone is bad at communicating with others you can show them this & help in other ways. There is a lot to do but we don’t negotiate terms to appease others who are on the fence. That will just make the ones already joining in think that we can’t be trusted. And trust is the hardest thing to build. So welcome & together we can make this into a better society for all.

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