Tasks That need to be done

Translation-Currently we have translated the manifesto into German, Spanish & French. Any other languages translated would be great. We will add them to the websites when finished. We are looking for Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog translations specifically because along with the ones being worked on they are the most common languages spoken in the US and often by those who aren’t that proficient in English. All other languages are welcomed to help with international solidarity.

Research– We are adding more links & literature to the website to strengthen our demands. Examples will include cost for programs(ex: medicare for all, green new deal, universal basic income ect), seriousness of the problem(ex: climate change articles addressing the seriousness of it)places where these reforms have already worked & saved lives & money(ex: Europe single payer healthcare). Now a word on the last point, when we mentioned saving lives/money, that was on purpose. We always have to be as persuasive as we can in our arguments and unfortunately we live in a society that places profit over human life. We might want it to not be so & we will change it with this revolution but for many people the cost is the first thing they see. So appealing to self interest  is something we have to do. Tell someone that this action will save someones life but cost them more & they will waiver. Show how it is cheaper and will save someones life and now they can’t have an objection.

Media–  We have a discord, reddit, Facebook, twitter and TikTok. We are working on a podcast & youtube channel to also get the message out. Media is crucial to spreading the message. If people don’t see it then this goes nowhere.  We need protest footage and other relevant footage that is owned by whoever is submitting it, to be used for the media campaign. We can’t afford to have videos taken down for copyright claims. So if you know anyone that will grant permission please ask.

Graphic design– We have made up a few flyers and posted them at rallies and across multiple cities but we need more. We need more design work for the websites to spice them up a bit to make it more enticing for people. original poster designs, logos, artwork to be used to make things more eye catching. 

Outreach– We need people contacting local or national labor unions, civil rights groups, environmental activists, political groups and media outlets to get them on board. 

Messaging– Need more people putting up flyers in their cities and spreading the message online. That means using the correct website link. If you are posting about it online the hashtags we use are #GeneralStrikeRevolution and #PeoplesManifesto but you must use the website link with them otherwise people won’t know what you are talking about.  The quick summary to do  when responding/posting online is that we are organizing for a stay at home General Strike Revolution. During the strike don’t shop, work, consume media. We are striking until we get new constitutional amendments that will be drawn up beforehand that match all our demands. You don’t have to use this in every post but if you get a follow up question, this is the strategy. Then send them the link for the website or our discord if they have more questions and want to be involved. On select days we will do a social media blitz to try and get this trending so more eyes get on it. Other ideas to get the message out are encouraged. 

Mutual Aid– We are working on a decentralized self replicating plan for mutual aid across the country. Right now we are brainstorming on ideas for food sharing with gardening to help people during the strike. Other teams & plans will be drawn up with more volunteers that can be used as a blueprint for communities across America.

Legal and Expertise – We are still a ways from when we can call a strike but we need to start working on the amendments for when it’s go time. That means distilling the demands into a new bill of rights that will be voted on as an all or nothing ratification process. We cannot leave anyone behind, which is why they will be connected as an all or nothing vote. We will need to make the language as precise as possible since we cannot allow any wiggle room for any legal challenge after the fact. So anyone with background in a particular field that the demands are about should volunteer to be on the drafting committee for that amendment. This is a still a way off and we will be updating the demands to be more precise but for now it will be good to get some drafts in. One final point on this, we are not removing any demand or watering them down. So a demand for environmental justice can add more to make it more sustainable and fair but we won’t remove the ending of fossil fuels for example. Some demands did not have lots of details because science can change and we might have to move things around but that should be collectively decided with more research and consideration. 

So give us what you want to work on and we will put people on teams if it requires the collaboration, if you can only do things such as messaging, research or design let us know which areas you are working on so there is not too much overlap.

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