Surveillance and Future Tech Economy

Surveillance and Future Tech Economy

  • End all facial recognition cameras on streets and businesses. This violates unreasonable searches.

  • End all deep fakes for commercial use unless the party used in deep fake is compensated at the rate they desire. Everyone has the right to control their digital image.

  • Break up big tech companies. End all monopolies.

Plan for Online Content Revenue Loss: 

  • Entertainment viewed online not commercially supported (no streaming service with union representation & disclosed financial info to creators, commercials or sponsored content) will get a revenue tracker to ensure content creators get paid. If you read a story or watch a video online (movie tv, show) an entertainment fund will direct payments to content creators.This will come from the consumer payment based on what they watch and read at universally set rates and only that if they don’t want to pay for bundles or subscriptions. 

  • This will be used to stop piracy/monopolies. If you watch 20 shows a week your payment will go to the show creators instead of the site host who will receive a smaller percentage. Rather than Youtube, for example, withholding income by not giving creators ad revenue because of some unrevealed policy. 

  • All disputes in financial matters will be done by an independent tribunal with union representation. 

  • Same for newspapers and other publications. 

  • As the economy moves more and more to digital platforms, these protections guarantee workers’ protection and money for labor. If you read 5 non-advertisement/sponsored news articles and don’t have a subscription to their publication, the authors will still be paid for their labor. 

  • Publications will also receive a smaller percentage of revenue. So the view count in music, print or video is reflective in payment. Equivalent payment will be given if content is ad-sponsored or subscription service at universal union negotiated rates. 

  • The consumer decides if they prefer a bundle/subscription or pay as-you-go affordable content.